Ios, Cyclades, Greece

Ios is located in the southern part of the central Cyclades group and has an almost schizophrenic character. Around the capital Chora Ios is a hedonist paradise. Beyond the booze-happy capital lies a classic Greek island of spectacular beaches and traditional hill villages.

Ios is an island in the Greek Cyclades Island group. It sits beside the beautiful Aegean Sea. The coastline is predominantly made of mountains and hills with cliffs that reach down to the sea. Ios is only about 11 miles long and 6 miles wide, and has a very small population. Tourists flock yearly to Ios because of the beautifully clear and blue sea and the clean, sandy beaches.

Ios was a one-time party capital of the Med and it still enjoys a reputation as one of the best clubbing destinations in the Greek islands.

The ancient town of Plakotos, on the north end of Ios, is where Homer is said to be buried. Homer is believed to be the “god-like” poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. There are also ruins of a Venetial castle from the 15th century found on the north end of the island, as well as 365 churches and chapels.

Sitting above the harbour or Ormos, you will see Hora, the capital of Ios. Hora boasts many features of a typical Cycladic settlement with white washed homes and narrow alleys.