Milos, Cyclades, Greece

Milos is a volcanic island in the Cyclades Island group in Greece. Located in the beautiful Aegean Sea, Milos is most famous for the statue of Venus de Milo, Aphrodite. Milos has a very distinctive horseshoe shape.

Milos’ harbor town, Adamas, is known as one of the safest natural harbors in the Aegean Sea. From Adamas there is an ascent to a plateau where Plaka is located. Plaka is the capital of Milos and is situated on a hillside, at the foot of the castle, overlooking the Aegean Sea. In the village of Tripiti, about 2 km from Plaka, you will find a theater from the Roman era, and remains of town walls. There have been many historical pieces found here, including the Venus de Milo, which is now housed in the Louvre.

Milos was present during three main time periods, all which preceded the Mycenaean age of Greece. In ancient days, Milos was inhabited by the Dorians from Laconia. During the 6th century BC, beautiful works of art and pottery with mythological subjects were created here.