Chios Prefecture, Greece

The prefecture consists of the islands of Chios, Oinousses and Psara.

Visitors in Chios will be impressed with the diversity of the island. You will enjoy different beaches, landscapes and settlements, and every time you think you’re on another island.

The city of Chios is a historic city with important monuments, such as the library of Korai, the Archaeological Museum, the mansions of the Genoese, the Byzantine castle and the famous Campos or Myrovolos.

Karfas is a cosmopolitan beach, ideal for entertainment and sports.

Lefkathia is one of the most spectacular beaches in the island,  an organized beach with crystal clear waters.

It’s also worth visiting the beaches Nagos, Elida, Megas Limnionas and Komi.

Chios has many beautiful villages such as Pyrgi, a village which has remained untouched by time, Mesta, Anavatos, Volissos and Vrontados.

Located northwest Chios,island Psara will charm you and will take you back in time and heroic history of Psara. You will find great beaches for all tastes … Large stunning beaches or secluded coves!

Oinousses is the largest and only inhabited island, from the island complex close to Chios.
The settlement of the island has a distinctive charm and the beaches have a breathtaking view!

Chios (See the whole island, or select a city below)

  • Chios (city)
  • Agia Ermioni
  • Volissos
  • Vrontados
  • Kampos
  • Kardamyla
  • Karfas
  • Mesta


  • Psara(city)


  • Oinousses(city)