Syros, Greece

Syros, also called Syra, is in the Cyclades island group in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. Syros’ principal municipalities include Ermoupoli, which is the capital of Syros and of the Cyclades, Ano Syros, and Poseidonia.

Ermoupoli is a very important harbor town, and has been for centuries. It is referred to as the “Queen of the Cyclades”. Ermoupoli sits on a naturally ampitheatrical site, and features neo-classical buildings and whitewashed houses in the true Cycladic style, which form a cascade down to the harbor below. There are many beautiful and important churches in Ermoupoli, such as the Dormition of Our Lady, St. Demetrius, and St. Nicolas.

Ano Syros features narrow lanes and a wonderfully medieval atmosphere. There are many steps between the narrow streets and homes with colored doors, which will lead you to the top of the town. Ano Syros is mostly accessible by marble steps. The Catholic Cathedral of St. George, constructed during the 13th century, lies very near the monasteries of the Jesuits and Capucins. From the Church you can enjoy a panoramic view of neighboring islands like Tinos, Delos, Mykonos, Paros, and Naxos.

Syros also features fabulous beaches, including Galissas which is a beautiful large resort with a large span of sandy beach. Possidonia is also a fine coastal area with a wonderful sandy beach and houses erected in the true neo-classical style.

Besides the beaches and beautiful architecture found on Syros, the Syros Island national airport, along with the Aegean Casino and a wonderful passenger boat transportation system, hotels, and great restaurants, the island has been actively attracting more and more tourists each year.