Piraeus, Greece

Piraeus is the third largest city in Greece in terms of population, and because Piraeus’ commercial harbour is one of the Mediterranean’s most important. Piraeus is also Europe’s largest port in terms of passenger transportation, and the third largest port in the world. It is the terminus for the electric train service that is incorporated into the Athens Metro, the Line 1.

In medieval times, Piraeus was known as Porto Leone. It’s name was given because of a huge stone lion that guarded the entrance to the port.
When you visit Piraeus, you can walk around the central harbor which is shared by cargo and passengers from all over the world. The Kastella offers a beautiful view of the Saronic Gulf from atop a glorious hill covered with houses. Also plan to visit the Municipal Theatre which was built in the 1880s and dominates one of the city’s central squares.
The Monastiraki of Piraeus is a flea market where you can find wonderful bargains each Sunday.
The Maritime Museum offers exhibits of Greek Naval history that date back to at least 3,000 years.