Stalis Malia, Crete, Greece

Malia is a beautiful coastal town and municipality on the Crete Island located just 33 kilometers east of Heraklion, in the beautiful and scenic Bay of Malia. Malia is the seat for the municipality of Malia which also includes the area of Stalis, as well as the village of Mohos and Krassi. Malia is primarily a tourist city, noted highly for its archeological sites and its thriving nightlife. Malia is one of Crete’s and Greece’s oldest inhabited areas.

It provides a beautiful climate, as well as friendly locals. You will find a splendid array of gift shops, hotels, restaurants, and night clubs to enhance your stay in this beautiful coastal paradise.

Very close to Malia’s old village are 5 km of beautiful sandy white beaches that offer the cleanest sea, perfect for swimming and water sports. The road through the mountain region south of Malia will provide you with a stunning glimpse of the hamlet of Krasi, which was used as a natural resort for some of Greece’s most famous contemporary writers.