Pieria, Greece

Pieria is the smallest prefecture in Greek Macedonia. It lies in the southern part of central Macedonia and features a typical Mediterranean climate, except in the higher mountain areas, which are known to receive snow during the winter months. There are many interesting things to see and do in Pieria. Mt. Pierus, which was home to Orpheus and the Muses, is found here, as well as the Pierian Spring. The highest mountain in Greece and throne to the ancient Greek gods, Mt. Olympus, is located on the south side of Pieria. Other ancients cities are also located in Pieria, such as Leivithros and Pimpleia.

Katerini is the capital of the prefecture of Pieria, and is found between the Pierian plain and Mt. Olympus. The ruins of the Macedonians’ Sanctuary of the gods is found in Dion, just south of Katerini. You can view the ruins from the sanctuary buildings which include the temples, two theatres, and a stadium. Next to this, and just to the north, the remains of ancient Dion are found.

A beautiful, long beach is found just 23 kilometers from Katerini in Leptokaria. This is a very popular tourist attraction each year. There are also other seaside resorts such as methoni, Nea Agathoupoli, which has a wonderful fish market, Agios Panteleimonas, which features an ancient Venetian castle, and Makrigialos, which holds the ruins of the ancient city of Pydna. If you head just 24 kilometers from Katerini, you will find Litohoro, on the slopes of Mt. Olympus. This is a summer resort, and a legendary mountain that is very popular for mountain climbing. While in this area, be sure to visit Enipeas, a wonderfully enchanting valley which holds a river that flows down from Mt. Olympus.