Caves in Greece

Greece has not only attracted images of amazing beaches and impressive architecture, but also a wide underground beauty and interest. Explore a huge selection of caves and admire the geological wealth from another aspect.

There are over 6000 known caves in Greece, many of them already open to the public. Don’t forget, however, to take some advisable precautions:

  • Visit caves professionally run and organized and not venture into unknown ones on your own.
  • Wear the most practical clothing. Shoes with a good grip are essential.

Greek Caves most worth visiting:

  • Peanias Cave “Koutouki” in Attica, 3,800 sq m, Tel: 210 6642910
  • Perama Cave in Ioannina, with 14,800 sq m and 1,100 m long, one of the biggest and most beautiful, Tel:26510 23440 / 26510 21521
  • Drogoratis Cave in Kefalonia, 95 m long, homes also concerts
  • Melisanis Water Cave, in Kefalonia, 160 m long and 39 m water depth, Tel: 26740 22215
  • Agias Sophias Mylopotamou Cave in Kythira, 110 m long
  • Dikteon Andron Cave in Lasithi of Crete, on Mount Dikti at 1,025 m altitude, 250 m long
  • Sentoniou Zonianon Cave in Rethymno, 550 m long, the greatest in Crete
  • Cave of Antiparos, 68 m long, Tel: 22840 61218
  • Glyfada Dirou Cave in Laconia, the most beautiful lake cave in the world, 600 m on coast and 1,200 m in the lake, Tel: 27330 52222-3
  • Kastria Cave in Achaia,  2,000 m long and 13 lakes in its centre
  • Petralona Cave in Chalkidiki, of great archaeological interest, 1,500 m long, Tel: 23730 71671
  • Agiou Georgiou Cave in Kilkis, 300 m long, Tel: 23410 22233
  • Alistratis Cave in Serres, 3,000 m long, Tel: 23240 82045
  • Aggiti Cave in Drama, underground river of 2,5000 m long

All Caves throughout Greece:


  • Prefecture of Attica
    1. the Akropolis cave complex including an Asclepion cave, the Cave of Auglaros and the Mycenaean Cavern, an abandoned Mycenaean well
    2. Cave of Ntavelli, near Agia Triada on Mount Penteli
    3. Cave of Archedemos the Nympholept, on Mount Hymettos
    4. Cave of Korykio or Korykion Andron on Mount Parnitha
  • Prefecture of Piraeus
    1. Cave of Mpekiris, in Spetses Island
    2. Cave of Euripides, near Peristeria in Salamina Island


  • Prefecture of Achaia
    1. Cave Lakes or Cave of the Nymphs, near Kalavryta
    2. Cave of Neraidotrypa, near Portes in Kato Achaia
  • Prefecture of Laconia
    1. Dirou Cave  complex, near Areopoli including Water Cave of Diros, River Cave of Glyfada and Alepotrypa Cave
    2. Costanea Cave, near Neapolis
  • Prefecture of Argolis
    1. Franchthi Cave
    2. Didima Caves, near Didima
    3. Prefecture of Arcadia
    4. Dersios Sinkhole, near Tyrosapounakeika

Central Greece (Sterea Ellada/Thessaly/Ipiros)

  • Prefecture of Etoloacarnania
    1. Cave of Cyclops, near Astakos
  • Prefecture of Evritania
    1. Cave of Proussos or Black Cave, on Mount Panetolikon
  • Prefecture of Magnesia
    1. Heiron Cave, near Vizitsa on Mount Pelion
    2. The Huge Water Caves of Horefto, in Amaliapolis
    3. Water Cave of Loumbarda, in Platania
    4. Cave of Centaurus, on Mount Pelion
    5. Cave of Trypitis, near Glysteri on Skopelos Island
    6. Cave of Agios Ioannis, in Kastro on Skopelos Island
    7. Cave of Trypia Petra or Clue Cave, in Labaria beach in Skiathos Island
  • Prefecture of Larissa
    1. Cave of Boursi or Kefalovryso, near Elasson
  • Prefecture of Ioannina
    1. Cave of Alepotrypa, near Pramanda
    2. Perama Cave, near Perama
    3. Megalolakkos Cave, near Konitsa
    4. Kastritsa Cave, near Katsikas
  • Prefecture of Preveza
    1. Lyhnos bay Cave complex & the Cave of Aphrodite, near Parga

Ionian Sea

  • Prefecture of Kefalonia
    1. Agalaki Cave, near Poulata in Kefalonia
    2. Drogarati Cave, near Chaliotata in Kefalonia
    3. Melissani Cave in Kefalonia
    4. Cave of Loizos, near Stavros in Ithaca
    5. Cave of Nymphs in Ithaca
    6. Cave of Spileovouno near Fiskardo in Kefalonia
    7. Cave of Agios Gerasimos, near Argostolio in Kefalonia
    8. Cave of Drakospilia, near Lixouri in Kefalonia
    9. Sakkos Cave, near Skala, Temple of Apollo in Kefalonia
    10. Cave of Zervatis, near Sami, Karavomylos in Kefalonia
  • Prefecture of Corfu
    1. Paleou Cave, near Agios Mattheos in Corfu
    2. Water Cave of Ypapanti, near Lakka in Paxoi
  • Prefecture of Lefkada
    1. Cave of Demon, near Spartohorion in Lefkada
    2. Cave of Papanikolis in Lefkada
  • Prefecture of Zakynthos
    1. Blue Lake Cave in Zakynthos

North Greece (Macedonia/Thrace)

  • Prefecture of Kilkis
    1. Agios Georgios Cave in Kilkis
  • Prefecture of Chalkidiki
    1. Cave of Archantropon of the Red Stone, near Petralona
  • Prefecture of Karditsa
    1. Tsanaka Cave, in Kanalia
    2. Cave of Mavromati or Georgios Karaiskakis, in Mavromati
  • Prefecture of Grevena
    1. Cave of Agia Paraskevi, near Deskati
    2. Cave of Zakas, on Mount Orliakas
  • Prefecture of Kozani
    1. The Dark Cave, near Akrini
  • Prefecture of Kastoria
    1. Cave of Dispili, near Dispili
  • Prefecture of Imathia
    1. Prionia Cave, on Mount Vermio
    2. Saranda Outades Cave, in Naoussa
    3. Neolithic Cave of Rodohorion
  • Prefecture of Kavala
    1. Drakotrypa cave, near Panagia in Thassos Island
  • Prefecture of Serres
    1. Efta Myloi Cave, near Serres
  • Prefecture of Drama
    1. Alistrati’s Caves
    2. Cave of Aggitis, in Maara
  • Prefecture of Evros
    1. Cave of Cyclops Polyphemos, near Makri
    2. The Two Caves, in Didimoteiho
  • Prefecture of Rodopi
    1. Ochyron Cave or Cave of the Cyclops, near Maronia

Aegean Sea

  • Prefecture of Cyclades
    1. Cave of Agios Ioannis, in Heraklia Island
    2. Cave of Oliaros, in Antiparos Island
    3. Halandriani Cave, in Syros Island
    4. Panormos Cave, in Mykonos Island
    5. Chaos Cave, near Mesaria in Andros Island
    6. Vromolimni Cave, in Kimolos island
    7. Ktafyki Cave, near Dryopida in Kythnos Island
    8. Cave of Za, near Filotas in Naxos Island
    9. Cave of Koutala or Cyclop, in Seriphos island
    10. Two Caves, near Panormos in Tinos Island
    11. Papafragka Cave, near Apollonia in the archaeological site in Milos Isl.
    12. Cave of Toihos, near Hivadolimni in Donoussa Island
    13. Blue Caves, in Kato Koufonisi Island
    14. Blue Cave, near Kastro in Sikinos Island
    15. Golden Cave, in Folegandros Island
  • Prefecture of Dodecanese
    1. Cave of Ellenokamara, near Agia Marina in Kasos Island
    2. Cave of the Seven Virgins, in Kalymnos Island
    3. Emporeios Caves, in Kalymnos Island
    4. Cave of Harcadio, in Messaria Castle in Telos Island
    5. Blue Cave, in Kastelorizo Island
    6. Cave of Panagia Spiliani, near Mandraki in Nisyros Island
    7. Cave of Apocalypse, in Agios Ioannis in Patmos Island
    8. Cave of Panagia Pouliarani, near Analipsi in Astypalea Island
    9. Dragon Cave, near Vathi, in Astypalea Island
    10. Poseidon Cave, near Myloi in Karpathos Island
    11. Aspri Petra Cave, near Palatia in Kos Island
    12. Holy Cave of the Nymphs, near Rhodes city in Rhodes Island
    13. Kalamonias Cave, near Faliraki in Rhodes Island
    14. Makarouna cave, near Kalamos in Rhodes Island
    15. Kelia Caves, in Chalki Island
  • Prefecture of Evia
    1. Mount Ohi Cave or Cave of Agia Triada, near Karystos in Evia Island
  • Prefecture of Lesvos & Limnos
    1. Black Stone cave, Kokkala cave and Cave of Agios Isidoros, near Plomari in Lesvos Island
    2. Cave of Agios Vartholomeos, near Mytilene in Lesvos Island
    3. Cave of Philocretes, near Kontopouli in Limnos Island
  • Prefecture of Samos & Ikaria
    1. Cave of Pythagoras and Church cave of Sarandaskaliotissa, near Marathokampos in amos Island
    2. Cave of Trypiovrahos, near Pyrgos in Samos Island


  • Prefecture of Rethymno
    1. Cave of Agios Antonios
    2. Cave of Genari
    3. Cave of Melidoni
    4. Cave of Sfendoni, near Zoniana
  • Prefecture of Chania
    1. Cave of Agios Ioannis Erimitis, in Akrotiri Peninsula
    2. Cave of Gouverneto or Arkoudas, in Akrotiri Peninsula
    3. Cave of Agios Mamas, in Elafonisi Island
    4. Cave of Zoures & Cave of Harakas, near Azogyres
    5. Cave of Kournas, in Kournas Lake
    6. The Water Cave, near Agia Marina
    7. Sarakena Cave, near Therissos
    8. Daskalojianni Cave, near Frangokastello
    9. Hoirospelios Cave, near Fournes
    10. Ahlodolakki Cave & Grai Cave, near Malaxa
  • Prefecture of Heraklio
    1. Cave of Agia Paraskevi, near Gouves
    2. Cave of Eylithias, near Amnissos
    3. Cave of Kamares
    4. Cave of Idi or Idieon Andron, on Mount Idi
    5. Hosto Nero Cave, near Arhanes
    6. Honos Cave, near Asites
    7. Cave of Vigla, near Viannos
    8. Matala Caves or cave complex of Kommos
  • Prefecture of Lasithi
    1. Cave of Dikti or Diktieon Andron, on Mount Dikti of Lasithi
    2. Trapeze Cave, on Mount Dikti of Lasithi
    3. Cave of Milatos
    4. Cave of Pelekita or Sykias, in Pelekita beach, near Kato Zakros