Hydra, Greece

Hydra is a long, thin island south of the Saronic Gulf and characterised by its rocky interior which is virtually uninhabited.

Hydra is a barren, rocky island that has become a very popular spot for artists the world over. The town is built in an amphitheatrical style around the port. To the right and left of the port are parapets with canons which once protected the city. Hydra is famous for both its calm and relaxing atmosphere, and its lively night life.

Many beautiful 18th century mansion houses are found in and around the main port, a legacy of Hydra’s great wealth when it was the home of wealthy merchants and shipbuilders. During the 18th and 19th century the island of Hydra boasted a huge commercial fleet.

The beautiful roads and alleys hold homes that are adorned with flowers. The Manors of the Island and the 6 monasteries and 300 churches of Hydra are definitely worth your time to visit. Some of the most common sights on Hydra include the twin Monasteries of Saint Eupraxia and Prophet Elias, where the heroes of the Greek Revolution were imprisoned in 1825. Other sights of extreme interest include the Monastery of Saint Trinity, the Monastery of Saint Matrona, the Monastery of Virgin Mary of Zoubra, and the Church of Dormition, where you will also find a Byzantine and Ecclesiastic Museum with many pieces that hold the history and culture of Hydra.