Sifnos, Greece

Sifnos is located in the Cyclades island group in Greece. Apollonia is the main town on the island, and is located near Sifnos’ center. Artemon is the second largest town, and Kastro is also located in Sifnos, and is built atop a high cliff on the northwest shoreline. The west coast of Sifnos houses Kamares, which was a port settlement on the island.

Sifnos is reached by ferry, many of which run from Piraeus. A beautiful grey rock landscape that is the island is complemented by a gleaming white chapel. This is the first sight that will meet you upon arrival to Sifnos. Apollonia features brilliant architectural designs consisting of walls, terraces and courtyards that fit together with alleyways to form a beautiful and natural looking environment.

You can view the folklore museum to get a glimpse of Sifnos at its earliest days and many churches, such as Our Lady Ouranofora and St Sozon. In Kastro there are beautiful old windmills and chapels adorning much of the landscape.