Mykonos , Cyclades, Greece

Mykonos is a Greek Island in the Cyclades. Mykonos is world famous for its tourism and lively nightlife. Many celebrities, both Greek and international, have summer homes in Mykonos, and you may sometimes see them walking the roads or dining in one of the beautiful fine restaurants. Belief has it that Mykonos was named after a local hero who is considered to be the child of the god Apollo.

Mykonos sits In the central Cyclades islands and is considered the archetypal Greek island, with sugar cube houses and blue-domed churches bathed in sunlit blue skies. Holiday visitors are joined by cruise ships attracted by the glamorous setting, the hedonistic clubs and some of the most attractive beaches to be found in the Greek islands.

Hora, the capital of Mykonos, has a beautifully whitewashed streets and fine cube homes with stepped walls and brightly colored balconies. It is a picture perfect island with all the natural beauty and serenity one might expect in Greece. The landscape is predominantly low, rocky hills and beautiful beaches. Windmills from the 16th century are a highly recognized landmark in Mykonos, as well as Little Venice, where the buildings are constructed on the sea’s edge with balconies that hang out over the water.