Sites and Monuments in Greece

Greece is full of archaeological sites and monuments, on which the rare Greek “mosaic” of historic and cultural memory has left an indelible mark. Make a “journey” in the past through highlights and manifestations of rich Greek culture.

The following Greek archaeological sites and cultural areas have been characterized, according to the UNESCO catalogue, as Monuments f Cultural Heritage:

  1. The Acropolis of Athens
  2. Delphi (archaeological site)
  3. Monastery complex of Agio Oros (Mount Athos)
  4. Vassae: The Temple of Epicurean Apollo
  5. Vergina – Aegae
  6. Epidaurus  (archaeological site)
  7. Delos (archaeological site)
  8. Mystras (Medieval City)
  9. Olympia (archaeological site)
  10. Medieval city of Rhodes
  11. Monastery complex of Meteora
  12. The archaeological sites of Mycenae and Tiryns
  13.  Early Christian and Byzantine Thessalonica
  14. The Monasteries of Daphni (Attica), Ossios Lucas (Central Greece) and Nea Moni (New Monastery) of Chios
  15. Patmos: Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos and the Cave of the Apocalypse
  16. Samos: Pythagoreio and Heraion