Loutraki, Greece

Loutraki Greece
Situated on the east coast of the Golf of Corinth, the ancient city of Thermae (today called Loutraki), once hailed to be loved by the Gods, was the first resort to be recorded in the annals of world history. Loutraki is situated only 84 km away from Athens, connected by the National higway Athens – Patras, and only 6km from the famous Corinth Canal. A unique combination of climatological conditions and natural surroundings, makes Loutraki a privileged place.

A temperate Mediterranean climate, breezes scented with iodine from the crystal blue sea and superb beaches that have been awarded the “Blue flag of Europe” five times, make it a truly enchanting place. Loutraki is a well organized resort and together with its famous table and therapeutic waters, marvellous natural beauty spots and cosmopolitan life, there is so much to offer.

Various classes of hotel, numerous night clubs, restaurants, bars and cafeterias, offer their excellent service. Most of the hotels are built along the sea front The beach of LOUTRAKI, only a few steps from the Gerania mountain, is 4 Km Iong, making the entire town an almost endless beach, which is equipped with modem installations at your disposal for endless hours of swimming and sea sports. If you prefer climbing, the mountain and its fantastic forest are waiting to be explored.

Loutraki and water, are two closely related entities. They are complementary, to one another. After long research studies the scientific word substantiated the unique therapeutic virtues of the water and designated it as a “unique treasure”. It is of a very high quality, and competitive to waters such as Perrier, Vichy and Evian. Due to its therapeutic power, it has become famous word-wide. LOUTRAKI is one of the major water bottling industries in Greece.