Spetses, Greece

Spetses is a charming small island located in the Saronic Island group of Greece. It offers many beautiful and stately mansions, as well as fragrant pine trees and wonderful coves. The island is small enough that you can travel by bike and cover the entire area in less than five hours. Cars are scarce, but there are horse drawn carriages for transportation; a wonderful way to view the island while the charm of ancient tradition. The people are very hospitable, and the food is a wonderful array of local flavors and tradition. In the capital of Spetses, you can view the house of Bouboulina, which is a private museum that is open to visitors.

The monastery of Agios Nikolaos is located just outside of Spetses town. The patron saint of the monastery is the patron saint of sailors, and this is also the place where the Spetsan leaders took the oath of freedom when the War of Independence was beginning in 1821.