Arhanes, Crete island, Greece

The Arhanes village lies in the Temenos Region, just 15 kilometers from Heraklion and its inhabitation has been documented for over 5000 years. According to history, King Minos had a summer palace in the Arhanes village. Arhanes boasts beautiful mountains and neoclassical buildings, and is a beautifully preserved and protected village. Arhanes is a very important Minoan site, and contains several Byzantine Churches. There is a wine festival held each year in July to celebrate the town exporting of wine, raisins, and grapes.

On the outskirts of Arhanes, you will find the Villa Arhanes, which is actually a lovely 19th century mansion that was recently converted into a small hotel. There are six houses facing a lovely inner courtyard. The Archaeological Museum holds many fascinating pieces from earlier ages, and the town is filled with quaint clubs and restaurants that offer authentic cuisine local to the area. The traditional section of Arhanes boasts narrow, natural slab roads, and stone buildings with tiled wooden roofs.