Samos, Greece

Samos is located in the Eastern Aegean Sea, between Chios and the Dodecanese island group. Samos lies very close to the Asia Minor coastline. Samos is world renowned for the wonderful wines that it produces, more specifically the sweet White Muscat that is found nowhere else but on Samos. The Muscat grape, which is used in the White Muscat Wine, is the main crop used in Samos for wine production. Wines from Samos have won many prestigious international, as well as domestic awards.

The capital city of Samos is Vathi, which was built on slopes that surround Samos’ deepest bay. Throughout the centuries, Vathi has retained its beautiful and historical look, with old mansions and pastel facades that are still very evident today.

Samos is a very popular destination for tourists. Because of the fine beaches, and the wonderful opportunities for hiking, cycling, and windsurfing, it has come to rely heavily on the tourism trade as a major part of the island’s economy.