Volda, Norway

Get ready for active days in the Volda surrounded by beautiful nature, with a short drive to places such as Runde, Ålesund and Geiranger.

Like pearls on a string, you will find the beautiful areas in Volda. From small villages with a distinctive character to larger conurbations such as Volda and Grodås. The small villages can tempt you with everything from local museums to great walks, whether you are alone, on a trip with the family or with friends. Challenge yourself with a peak trip in spectacular nature, or a simple trip with the family in Bjørkedalen and see the Viking ship.

In short, you will find 4 fjords, 5 lakes and countless mountain hikes! An exciting student life with everything from teacher training, film & animation and nature-based tourism. Not to mention popular festivals such as Dei Nynorsk Festspela and Indiefjord.

The toads in Austefjorden have become an attraction, the breeding ground for one of the largest toad populations in Europe. In order to build Kvivsvegen, they actually had to make adjustments to take care of the toads, which resulted in “toad tunnels” under the road. At the picnic area, you can also meet the toad statue weighing a whopping 4 tonnes!

Rural culture is strong in the region and the museums in the area show everything from sculptors, buildings and lighthouse history.

The summer months can offer wonderful trips and fun activities. But don’t underestimate winter. Volda has several ski centers to visit, in addition to beautiful areas with opportunities for tours. But like most coastal areas, there can be a lot of weather at times, so dress warmly.

How do you get to Volda?
The nearest airport is Ørsta/Volda Lufthamn Hovden – a few minutes away with good domestic routes.
Good bus connections to/from the airport, Ålesund and Nordfjordeid. Bus routes and times can be found at www.frammr.no .
Car is perhaps the easiest way to get around. Experience the different villages by driving spectacular roads and tunnels, and not least enjoy a crossing on one of the ferries in the region