Lyngør Norway

In the skerries facing the open sea, Skagerrak, lies Lyngør. Lyngør is a small town on a group of small islands off the south east coast, in the county of Aust Agder.

Previously a popular home for sea-captains, the town is accessible only by boat, has no cars, and is known for its scenic harbor and charming wooden houses. It is recognized as one of the best-preserved communities in Europe.

Most of the buildings are now summer homes, but there are about 100 permanent, year-round residents. A hugely popular destination in the summer months, it has in later years struggled to maintain a stable permanent population.

The community has a sailmaking factory, a few restaurants that are open during the tourist season, and a famous general store. Lyngør is one of the places in Norway that has most sunny days.


The sound that goes through Lyngør is also famous for a dramatic sea battle in the Napoleonic War, in which the British Navy effectively put an end to the last of Dano-Norwegian naval forces. The wreck of the Danish frigate Najaden was discovered in the sound in 1957.


About 16 square km of the area in the community is coastline. It means that Tvedestrand is an eldorado, specially in the summer. Places like Lyngør, Borøya and Sandøya are worth visiting. From the quay at Gjeving you may go by boat to Lyngør.

Gjeving is characterized by cottage hamlets and international tourism. At the centre of Gjeving you will find Gjeving and Lyngørfjorden marina. Here life pulsates from early spring until late autumn. The new cottage hamlets og the holiday centre has been designed by architects with the intention of combining contemporary needs and opportunities with the coastal architecture of bygone days. Here you may sit on the edge of the quay and enjoy Sørlandet, the South Coast, as much as you like, or hire a boat and make a trip to the wonderful skerries.

The Sandøya island belongs to the municipality of Tvedestrand. On the island there is a vigorous local community with a shop, school. Boatbuilder and active designer craftsmen. The island has a regular service from the Hagefjordbrygga quay on Borøya, which is connected to the mainland, there is only a short boat trip across to Sandøya.


The Storelva river, which flows past Nes Ironworks, is one of the Southern Coast´s best salmon and sea trout rivers.


Arendal & Omegn Golfclub (Nes Verk Golfpark) is situated in beautiful countryside surroundings at Nes Verk, 3 km from Fiansvingen. Today Nes Verk Golfpark is one of the largest and best golf courses in Norway. The club can offer an 18-hole undulated course of high standard, and a 9-hole challenging Pay & Play Course, driving range and putting green.