Eidfjord, Norway

Eidfjord municipality has approximately 1.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.492,5 km2 in the Conty of Hordaland. The district centree is Nedre Eidfjord and Øvre Eidfjord. Steep mountains surrounding a beautiful fjord, a mighty powerful waterfall, majestic glaciers in the horizon and a mountain plateau with roaming herds of reindeer.

Eidfjord municipality sits at the innermost part of the Hardangerfjorden and it stretches inland to include part of the vast . Part of the Hardangervidda National Park lies in the municipality. Eidfjord municipality borders the municipality of Ullensvang to the southwest, the municipalities of Nore og Uvdal and Hol to the east, and the municipality of Ulvik to the north.

Eidfjord municipality begins at sea level along the fjord, the valleys leading away from the fjord are surrounded by high mountains which lead up to the alpine plateau called Hardangervidda. The Måbødalen valley is a narrow valley that leads upland to the Vøringfossen waterfall. There are several lakes in Eidfjord including Eidfjordvatnet, Nordmannslågen, and Sysenvatnet. The lakes Halnefjorden, Skaupsjøen, and Tinnhølen are all partially located in Eidfjord. The Hardangerjøkulen glacier is partially located in northern Eidfjord.


Vøringfossen waterfall has a 182 meters (597 feet) free fall before continuing through the grand canyon Måbødalen. The river Bjoreia steeps down the 2-300 metres deep valley and Vøringfossen and Tyssvikjo falls into the deep. Many people think Tyssvikjo is Vøringfossen because they see it first. Its just a nice small waterfall compared to Vøringfossen.

Vøringfossen waterfall is situated about 280 km from Bergen and 300 km from Oslo. Among many Norwegian waterfalls the best known one is Vøringfossen. The most beautiful view you will have when sun and water are creating a rainbow into the valley. Høel Farm is the mountain farm that once owned the waterfall.

At the foot of Vøringfossen, and by the ascent of the Måbødalen valley, you will find the Hardangervidda Nature Centre which is a must along with a journey on the Troll Train.


Experience a scenery with dramatic contrasts, high mountains and waterfalls. Road-building traditions from the 16th. century up to the present. 21 info-tables have been put up at the most distinctive stops in the valley. Måbø Museum, guided tours, limited opening hrs.


Take the train and enjoy wild, beautiful and dramatic West Norwegian nature. The train (on wheels) carries about 55 passengers. Departure every hour from Vøringfoss Kafeterie. Every half hour from Måbø Farm.


Simadal is on of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Europe. The main hall is 700 metres inside the mountain. It is 200 metres Iong, 20 metres wide and 40 metres high. Guided tours 15/6-15/8. Guided tour all year round for groups. The tour, lasting for about 1 hour includes a film about the construction of the power station and a guided tour in the main hall.


Kjeåsen lies in Simadalen. The now famous mountain farm liee like en eagle’s nest on a mountain ledge 600 metres above the Simafjord. Drive up to the farm every hour down every half hour. Tourist trail up the steep mountain side, about 1 hours each way.


At the foot of the Vøringsfoss waterfall and by the ascent of the Måbødalen valley, lies the Hardangervidda Nature Center with its breathtaking but unobtrusive architecture. The purpose of the centre is to gather and distributre knowledge about interaction in nature and human activities. The task is to bring about an intimate meeting of modern man and nature. Ivo Caprino super videograph and untraditional aquariums. The centre pasees on knowledge and experiences of nature, culture and outdoor life at Hardangervidda. Cafe, souvenir shop and tourist info.


Lies at Hardangervidda. The highest point of the glacier 1.676 metres above sea level. Can be seen from severel places along Route. 7, also from Sysendammen.


Sysendam lies in Sysendalen and is one of Norway´s biggest stone-filled dams. Length 1.160 metres, it consists of 3,6 mill. m3 stone and moraine fell. The dam can be seen from Route. 7, quite close. Information and parking near the dam.


Turn from the main road Route 7 at Øvre Eidfjord to Hjølmo. The double waterfall Vedalsfossen about 4 km. from Øvre Eidfjord. The very steep serpentine roed takes you to Hjølmoberget, an excellent starting point for mountain hikes or shorter walks. Buses with more than 20 seate should not try this road.


The river Veig turns into a majestic waterfall, 272 metres down the steep mountain side. About 1 hour walk from Hjølmoberget.


Old settlement traditions. Country courtyard in Hjølmodalen.


At Hareid you find the biggest collection of ancient graves in western Norway. There are 350 graves dating from 500 – 1.000 A.D. Maps at the tourist office.


In stone, dating from 1309. According to legend the domineering and powerful Rich Ragna had the church built, to have forgiveness for her sins.


Modern church built in 1991. This is a “work church” with several functions, meeting room for congregation, room with open fire, nursery and office.


1 km from Eidffjord, direction Simadalen, you will find Kråkeskarvet beach. Go about 2 more km and you will arriva at Stavanes. Ideal for children because of long tidal flats.


Maurseth situated on route 7. 20 minutes from Eidfjord the ski centre is an ideal starting point for cross-country skiing on the Hardangervidda. Open: December – April. Alpine pistes, 3 downhill pistes, 2 skilifts. Prepared cross country trscks, total of 60 km. Recreation hall.


Marked ski tracks on Hardangervidda from mid Februar.


Good conditions for small game hunt in Eidfjord. 95% of the municipality is situated more than 600 metres above sea level, thus a mountain area of about 1.502 km2 is there for you to explore. Game like grouse and hare may be hunted here.

Sysendalen Ski centre

With steep slopes, a large mountain plateau, a long-lasting season and several accommodation possibilities, Sysendalen is the best starting point for the joy of skiing. Ski as much as you want and as much as you are able to, enjoy the nature and relax wherever you want. You will notice that Sysendalen is an easy place to enjoy for skiing enthusiasts. With all the prepared ski tracks, a ski centre on Maurset and that Sysendalen has many of the mountain tracks that leads towards Hardangervidda mountain plateau, makes this the perfect place to go skiing. Great investments have been made to make skiing in the alpine centre more predictable for our winter guests. Snow canons provide snow on the ground and we have a machine that makes perfect ski tracks. There are many accommodation possibilities in Sysendalen and you find a great hospitality.

Sysendalen Skisenter and Maurset is centrally situated 20 min from Eidfjord. The Sysendalen Ski centre lies by one of the gateways to the Hardangervidda mountain plateau and is an ideal starting point for cross country ski trips. It is also possible to go alpine skiing and there are 3 downhill slopes in addition to one ski tow lift. In total there are 85 km of prepared ski track which are made every weekend, but during the winter holiday and Easter they are prepared every day. There are several starting points to the ski track net, but they all starts/ends by the ski centre. Heated room with a small café. Many parking spaces.


Eidfjord offers good fishing opportunities in rivers, lakes and the fjord. You need a national fishing license in addition to the local license. You can catch both salmon and trout in the rivers Eio, Bjoreio and Simo. On Hardangervidda there are many lakes stocked with trout. Sale of license at the tourist office, shops, gas stations and overnight stops. Further information at the tourist office. Rowing boats with without motor and life vests for hire.

In Eidfjord and Granvin, it was common practice to make half-fermented trout out of mountain trout caught in mountain lakes and at Hardangervidda. Fishing has been a good supplementary industry for the farmers, and already in the late 19th century keen anglers started to emerge. From early on, this was very important to the tourism industry, and in an old book from Mæland hotel in Granvin you can see that tourists visiting in 1912 bought fishing permits for the Granvin Lake.


Hardangervidda Golfpark is situated near road 7 on Hardangervidda 700 meters above sealevel. You will find huts for rent in the nearby surrounding.