Måløy, Norway

In Måløy, the proximity to the sea has left its mark on business, landscape and people. Måløy and the island of Vågsøy are connected to the mainland via Måløybrua, to one of the country’s largest fishing ports. Here you can experience everything from idyllic places to powerful nature experiences.

Get close to nature in changing weather, from bright sun, beach life and calm sea, to lighthouse accommodation with storm waves crashing around the walls.

In the coastal town of Måløy, you can be charmed by the cozy streets, hear interesting stories from the war at the Måløyr raid centre, and let yourself be tempted by cozy cafes and restaurants where you can choose everything from fish and chips to sushi.

In recent years, Måløy has become known for its beautiful street art that represents the coastal culture in Vågsøy. There are currently 20 murals, most within walking distance of the city centre.

Måløy is located on the island of Vågsøy and is surrounding Stadhavet – one of the most weather-resistant towns along the Norwegian coast. Øya Vågsøy has four lighthouses that guide ships safely. On the west coast you will find Kråkenes fyr, an area that is notorious for its harsh climate.

At the end of the village of Refvik you will find the 1.5 km long sandy beach Refviksanden. With its chalky white shell beach, this is one of Norway’s finest swimming beaches. A short drive from Måløy you will find Vågsberget, one of the many trading and hospitality towns along our coast. In the vicinity of Vågsberget, you will find the Kannesteinen – a special square-shaped stone that lies on the shore. The kannesteinen is shaped by the sea and waves over several thousand years