Giske municipality, Norway

Giske municipality consists of several islands of different sizes, but large in history and relevance. The islands have many monuments from both the Viking Age and the Middle Ages, and the inhabitants here have played a central role in Norwegian history. One of the big questions is, was the Viking chieftain Gange-Rolv /Rollo of Normandy really from Giske, and was William the Conqueror and thus the English royal house relatives of him?

Experience life along the coast on Sunnmøre, Norway, up close, and it is just as fascinating in summer as in winter. It is easy to get to Giske, and other places with coastal history such as Ålesund, Ona and Runde.

About the islands

Godøy – On the outskirts of Godøy lies the charming fishing community of Alnes. The village was in its time one of Sunnmøre’s largest fishing villages, and has the status of a selected cultural landscape. From Alnes there is an unobstructed view of the ocean, and the houses in the old part of the residential area are in terraced fields. The area has beautiful and varied walking terrain in mountains and fjords, with pebble beaches and a sandy beach for swimming and surfing. It is also popular to go to the mountains, where you have a panoramic view all the way to the Sunnmørsalps. The Johan Skytt stone up on the mountainside is a nice vantage point.

At Alnes Ligg and Alnes Visitor Center and Alnes Lighthouse, a preserved lighthouse station. The first lighthouse was built in 1876, and operated by the local population. Today’s lighthouse dates from 1937, and is a whopping 22 meters high. The preserved lighthouse is open for tours, and the visitor center sells art, handicrafts, dinner and delicious home-made cakes.

Giske – On this flat island, there are several great hiking opportunities along the shore and nice, white beaches that are popular with the local population. In addition to the historical events at Giske, it is worth stopping by Giske Kyrkje, a “long church” made of white marble. 1170, close to the “Millennium City”. Just beyond you will find the Giske Amphitheatre, where the Giskespeletfinn takes place every other year. Here you are taken back to the Viking Age just before the battle of Stiklestad in 1030, where powerful men and women from Giske were involved.

Vigra – The largest island where you will also find Ålesund Lufthamn Vigra with flight routes both domestically and abroad. This is also a historic island with the discovery of burial mounds and traces from the Iron Age. A rich natural life with many fine paths and beaches.

Valderøya – The most populous island, and the municipal center is also located here. Turmål such as Signalen, and Skjonghellaren are certainly worth exploring. Skjonghellar is one of the largest caves along the coast, with traces dating back 30,000 years. Remember to bring a flashlight!

How do you get to Giske and Alnes?
By plane, you land at Ålesund Airport Vigra, then you have all the islands here in the immediate distance either by rental car or bus. From Ålesund there is a regular bus to Alnes via Valderøy and Giske through the underwater tunnels, or you can drive a car. Note that you cannot cycle through the tunnels. There is often a fast ferry between Ålesund and Valderøya, and with bus correspondence on to the airport.
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