Trollveggen, Norway

Trollveggen is Europe´s highest vertical and overhanging rock face (1.000 metres). It is 5.950 feet from the valley to the top of the wall, of which 3.300 feet are vertical. This is the craddle of mountain climbing sports in Scandinavia.

Trollveggen is a landmark when you drive down Romsdalen by car. Most of the people stop the car at Horgheimseidet to admire Europs highest overhang. Only the best climbers in the world challenge the mountain.

Others choose the other way with parachute, BASE jumping is popular in Trollveggen. This is now forbidden, but… If you want to admire Trollveggen from the top, then you can walk the backside from Trollstigen. You need 3 to 5 hours to the BASE-EXIT at Bruraskardet (Brudesløret), climbing rope is not needed. From here you have a fantastic view down towards Romsdalen and to Romsdalshorn, Vengetind, Bispen etc. at the other side of the valley.

In 1980 a new sport appeared when the Finn Jorma Øster was the first to parachute off Trollveggen. Between 1980-86 almost 400 jumps were performed. As a result of several accidents and dangerous rescue missions parachuting in Trollveggen was prohibited by law in 1986.

The legal position in Norway about BASE jumping, also sometimes written as B.A.S.E. are made welcome. Base jumpers from Strandkolvet, Lysefjord (from the mountain Kjerag) is OK. Some other Norwegian places, like the Trollwall, are banned because of dangerous rescue missions in the past. Guinness World Records first listed a BASE jumping record with Carl Boenish´s 1984 leap from Trollveggen (Trollwall). It was described as the highest BASE jump. In 2010 Northern Norway celebrated with a world record with 53 Base jumpers jumping from a cliff.

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