Hell, Norway

Hell is approximately 2.657.000 square yards, with a population of 352 – which includes Miss Universe 1990. The village of Hell have their own award winning site on the Internet.


Hell is the heart of the communications between northern and southern Norway. Back in the old days you had to cross the river (no, not the Styx) on a ferry to go further north. Hell has a rich historical background and had it´s first known settlement around year 6000 BC. From that time we find the first known runic characters. Hellir, which was the original name of the town, dates back to year 2000 BC.

HELL Rock Carving

The first bridge across the river was built in 1856, and is now the main thoroughfare on the European Higway No. 6 (Highway to Hell). The river in Stjørdal, one of the most well known salmon and sea trout rivers in Norway, has its delta at Hell.


Perhaps the most famous feature of Hell is the Hell railway station, with the famous sign stating “Gods Expedition”, which is the Norwegian term for “Cargo Service”. Here you´ll also find the airport in Central Norway: Trondheim Lufthavn (Hell Airport). A blues festival takes place every year at Hell in September, “Blues in Hell”.


The wooden church was built in 1901 to seat about 200 people. What a better place to get marry than the church in Hell. After starting the marriage in Hell everything can only get´s better.

Miss Univers 1990

In 1990 was Mona Grudt elected Miss Univers. She is now a official Ambassador of Hell. David Letterman (Stephen Colbert), is the host of the Late Show at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York. No one executes sarcastic remarks like Letterman and among David´s better known incidents are an inteviewed with Miss Universe, where he asked since she was the Beauty Queen from Hell, that her father must be the Devil.


Scandic Hell Hotel is one of Norway´s largest course and conference hotels, offering an ideal venue for business travellers, for those looking for somewhere to stay before going off on holiday, and for business and organisations wanting to arrange conferences.

Scandic Hell Hotel have 380 rooms, a conference area with a new, modern meeting room and large communal areas. Scandic Hell Hotel is one of the best run hotels in the country and operates by one of Norways biggest Hotel chains.

Rica Hell Hotel

Restaurant Amelia is the hotel´s main restaurant, serving a wonderful breakfast, great lunches and an extensive à la carte menu in the evening. The hotel´s cuisine uses as many local ingredients as possible, while the pastry chef is responsible for producing desserts and pastries.

The Vertigo Bar on Floor 2 is the ideal place to enjoy an aperitif before dinner or a liqueur afterwards.

Hell Shopping mall

HellCenter is a shopping mall with 23 different shops includes the Hell Cafe. The frase “Shop till you drop” have a new meaning.