Oslo is the capital of Norway, also known as the greenest metropolis in Europe. Oslo city center is less than 8 km2 of parks and greenbelts!

This will certainly contribute to the fact that Oslo has the highest standard of living of the country. The people in the Norwegian capital on average earn 25% more per person more than in the rest of the country. Remember that the country Norway  has been reported for 5 years as the country with the highest standard of living by researchers at the United Nations . This high standard of living is also reflected in the excellent infrastructure and good social services.

Who thinks that it is always bad weather in northern Europe, will be disapointed in Oslo . The city has more hours of sunshine annually for a fact, and there is even less rainfall than in Amsterdam.

The high level of prosperity is also reflected in Karl Johans Gate. This straight shopping area almost 2 kilometers long runs from the main station to the Royal Castle and is completely pedestrianized. In this shopping area you will find upscale shopping, luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants as well as some of the most prestigious buildings in the city. Especially in Advent this street is worth a visit. The street is decorated beautifully, and you will find regular benefit concerts.

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