Lofoten Norway

Lofoten stretches like a wall of mountains to the southwest in the sea. Between the mainland and the Lofoten Wall lies the Vestfjord. Lofoten consists of mountains and peaks, wide open ocean, sheltered inlets, stretches of seashore and large virgin areas. From Lofotodden, at the south end of Moskenesøy Island, the air distance is more than 60 km to Skomvær, the southernmost point in Lofoten.

This video includes footage from Reine, Hamnøy, Uttakleiv, Å, Skagsanden, Vikten, Haukland beach, and Ramberg.

In Moskenes, the fishing villages lie one after the other like pearls on a string. In places like Reine, Hamnøy, Sakrisøy, Sørvågen and Å, to name only a few of them, much can be learnt about everyday life in a fishing village. You can also follow the example of many travellers, and rent a fisherman´s hut, spending your vacation in an authentic and lively environment. The Lofoten Islands are said to be one of the most beautiful climbing areas on earth. Stockfish, produced from spawning cod, was the staple good, and it was sold to almost all of Europe.

Svolvær is the “capital” of Lofoten, and an important junction for the entire region. Lofoten´s cod fishing season is between January and April. “The Svolvær Goat” (Svolværgeita), is the town´s most characteristic feature, and it represents a challenge to climbers. Svolvær became transit harbour in 1918. In an old shed, where the Coastal Steamer (Hurtigrutekaia) have it´s departure there is a icebar called the Magic Ice Hall.

Henningsvær “The Venice of Lofoten” and one of Lofoten´s largest fishing villages. Henningsvær is one of the most distinctive and idyllic fishing villages in Lofoten with the 942 metres high Vågakallen towering in the background.

Kabelvåg community was the most important and oldest fishing village in the last century, and opened its first guest house in the late 18th century. Vågan Church, also known as “Lofoten Cathedral” can also be found in Kabelvåg . It was built in 1898 and can accommodate up to 1.200 people. Just outside Kabelvåg is the modern tourist centre, Nyvågar.