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Azuga is a small ski resort situated between the mountain ranges of Prahova county in Muntenia, Romania.

The town is situated at the foothils of Bucegi mountains and it is home to the longest ski run in Romania named Sorica. Another major landmark in Azuga is the beer factory brewing the Azuga beer.

It’s a typical mountain town between Clabucetul Predealului (1586 m maximum altitude) in the north and west and Baiului and Garbovei Mountains in the south and east with Cazacu Peak (1753 m) and Stevia Peak (1901 m) the highest points.

The two ski runs are situated in the southeast part of Azuga. Both of them are enhanced with cable chairs and cable skis. More recently another ski run has been developed named Cazacu right next to the Sorica ski run. Cazacu itself has been blessed by its makers with a cable car installation and artificial snow making machines.Read more about Azuga



Busteni is a small town of 15000 people on the Prahova Valley, Prahova county, Muntenia, Romania. Its name means “tree logs” in English.

The population of the town varies greatly depending on the season, many wealthy people from Romania’s major cities owning holiday houses – some available for rent – in this area.

Some of Busteni’s main attractions inlcude:

  • The ski runs in the area;
  • Hiking the surrounding mountains;
  • The plateau on top of Bucegi Mountains – reachable through the Busteni-Babele cable car, where you can see two strange, nature-shaped, rock formations, the “Sphinx” and “Babele” (“The Old Ladies” in Romanian);

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Poiana Brasov


Poiana Brasov is a ski Romanian ski resort nearby Brasov (12 km away). It is preferred by many tourists because its quality per price ratio is a very good one.

The climate in Poiana Brasov is temperate continental. Average temperature during sumer is 20 degrees C and during winter -4 degrees C.

Poiana Brasov is open all year long. The snow cover is about 50 cm thick and usually lasts from November until March. Snowfalls could be expected since early October.

Four mountains surround Poiana Brasov: Postavaru (1799 m), Piatra Craiului (2238 m), Bucegi (2505 m) and Piatra Mare (1848 m).

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Predeal is a town and ski resort in Brasov county, Brasov.

The town is surrounded by five massifs: Baiului, Bucegi, Fitifoi, Piatra Mare and Postavaru.

The name “Predeal” comes from the Romanian “pre deal” (usual form right now is actually “pe deal”) meaning “on the hill”. 

The climate in Predeal is cool during summer and cold during winter, with temberatures around 15 degrees C for the former season and -5 degrees C and lower for the latter season. Average temperature year round is 5 degrees C.

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Sinaia is the most famous Romanian mountain restort and one of the oldest. Situated at an attitude between 767 m and 860 m, Sinaia is nicknamed “The Pearl Of The Carpathians”, having ski slopes at an attitude of up to 2000 m.

The name Sinaia comes from a 17th century monastery built in the current area of the city by a Romanian nobleman upon return from a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai in Egypt.

It has been first attested in documents as a mountain resort in 1869, the year in which the town saw it’s first hotel being build.

The climate in Sinaia is a subalpine one, characteristic for low altitute mountain passes. Average annual temperature is 8°C, average temperature in June is 15°C and average temperature in January is -4°C. Average annual rainfall is 900mm, the maximum being registered in June (173 mm) and the minimum in September (55 mm) and February (40 mm).

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