Poiana Brasov Romania


Poiana Brasov is a ski Romanian ski resort nearby Brasov (12 km away). It is preferred by many tourists because its quality per price ratio is a very good one.

The climate in Poiana Brasov is temperate continental. Average temperature during sumer is 20 degrees C and during winter -4 degrees C.

Poiana Brasov is open all year long. The snow cover is about 50 cm thick and usually lasts from November until March. Snowfalls could be expected since early October.

Four mountains surround Poiana Brasov: Postavaru (1799 m), Piatra Craiului (2238 m), Bucegi (2505 m) and Piatra Mare (1848 m).


Poiana Brasov is situated nearly 12 km away from the city of Brasov and about 160 km north of the capital Bucharest.

It is located 1200 m above sea level and it is easily accessible by road.

Getting to & around

There’s a regular bus line (line #20) operated by the Brasov public transit authority (RATBV) on the 12 km route between Brasov and Poiana Brasov. You can take this line from Brasov from a station near the Central Park (Park Central). You can buy tickets for it at the kiosks of the transit authority.

There are also minibus lines taking visitors from hotels to the base of ski slopes from they can take a cable car to the peaks of the mountains.


There’s a good bunch of restaurants in Poiana Brasov serving both Romanian and international cuisine as well as plenty of pubs with late night schedules to choose from. You can also go swimming (despite it being a winter resort), riding horses (or being taken for a ride in horse-drawn sleigh) or playing tennis.

Poiana Brasov is also home of a modern sports infrastructure, including an artificial skating rink and sport fields. There’s a ski track of Olympic standards in the resort as well as nine ski slopes (stretching along the Postavaru Massif), the biggest number of any resort in Romania. Some tracks are enhances with artificial snow making machines that make up for the lack of snow during certain periods of time.

The ski slopes are up to 4 km long and going downhill for over 600 m. Cable cars, a gondola and ski elevators with capacities of up to 8000 people per hour are in place for a quick ride to the summit.

You can also get ski classes (classes usually made up by 10 to 12 people) from professional instructors.

Floodlights were installed on certain slopes in order to extend skiing time up to 21:00.


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