Predeal Romania


Predeal is a town and ski resort in Brasov county, Brasov.

The town is surrounded by five massifs: Baiului, Bucegi, Fitifoi, Piatra Mare and Postavaru.

The name “Predeal” comes from the Romanian “pre deal” (usual form right now is actually “pe deal”) meaning “on the hill”. 

The climate in Predeal is cool during summer and cold during winter, with temberatures around 15 degrees C for the former season and -5 degrees C and lower for the latter season. Average temperature year round is 5 degrees C. 

Snow falls are to be expected between mid September to end of March.

Predeal holds the title of highest town in Romania at 1033 m.


Predeal is the northernmost resort on the Prahova Valley and is situated 25 km from Brasov, 16 km from Sinaia and around 150 km from Bucharest.

Getting to & around

You can reach Predeal from Brasov which is a mere 25 km away.


The major attraction in Predeal are the ski slopes enhanced with cable cars, elevators and floodlights.

Here’s the list of ski slopes in Predeal: Cocos (2250 m), Cioplea (200 m), Clabucet plecare (2100 m), Clabucet sosire (800 m), Clabucet varianta (790 m), Clabucet scoala (200 m), Garbova (900 m), Orizont (100 m), Subtelescaun (1200 m), Subtelescaun varianta (670 m), Trei Brazi (300 m). There’s also a 2.5 km cross-country ski run named Polistoaca.

The clean air rich in ozone and the low air pressure is also a people magnet, attracting people with different problems such as neurosis, growth problems for children etc.

The winter season isn’t the only time tourists can enjoy Predeal to its fullest. During the summer you can practice archery or take exciting mountain hikes.