Most visitors already know Sweden from their childhood and youth as the country of Michel, Nile Holgersson and Pippi. Who did not have a good time with Astrid Lindgrens novels of the alive Pippi and their somewhat conventional friends Annika and Tommy or in stories of the children from Emil in Sweden . Similarly is Selma Lagerloefs children’s book of the marvelous journey of the small Niles Holgersson with the goose. The farmer son transforms into a dwarf and travels on the back of the birds, his country from south to north.

We suggest you to take the same route, if you want to learn to know the long stretched country in the high north of Europe in all its facets. From the Suedzipfel with Trelleborg to up after Karesuando at the northern border to Finland is approximately 2000 km. Only scarcely 9 millions humans live in Sweden – there is much place for unaffected nature, in which many freely living animals are like moose.

In 1909 the Swedish parliament decided to place parts to that altogether 25 Swedish landscapes under special protection. By doing so, they created the first national park of Europe.

There are many reasons to love the country. Some estimate in particular the values of the Swedish society, which holds still to an equality ideal, which other nations gave up long ago. Others praise above all the natural advantages. Particularly active holiday-makers feel at home in Sweden. In the widths of the northern nature-inspired landscape you can find yourself in a long time ski route or hike, the many rivers of the country tighten Kanufahrer. Who likes it more relaxed, can go walking in the dense forests and collect mushrooms and berries.

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