Arendal Norway

Arendal in Norway has gone from being a small southern village, based around seven small islands, to become the tenth largest town in Norway in terms of population. Other villages in the municipality include Tromøy, Rykene, Eydehavn, Strengereid, Kongshamn, Kilsund, and Hisøy. Arendal now has approximately 43.000 inhabitants and covers an area of 269,9 km2 in Aust-Agder. Arendal´s varied industry builds on solid traditions.

For centuries up to 70% of Norwegian iron ore used to came from this area. This industry and the timber trade led to the growth of Scandinavia´s most important maritime town in the great age of the sailing ships. In 1992, Tyholmen received the Europa Nostra prize for being Europe´s best preserved part of a town. Pollen, the guest boat harbour in the centre of Arendal, is situated right at the centre of the town´s restaurant area with its bustling nightlife. Rådhusbrygga, a quiet and peaceful guest harbour at the furthest end of Tyholmen.

Arendal has grown from a traditional sleepy summer-town (with culture activities just in the summer) to a more “all year” city. The building of the new library and the combined city hall/concert house has greatly improved culture life. Canal Street is Arendals yearly jazz and bluesfestival during the summer. It has been arranged since 1996, at that time by the name of Arendal Jazz and Blues Festival. The popularity of the arrangement has been steadily increasing. Hove Festival located on the Island Tromøy just outside Arendal. It was the largest festival scene in Norway the debut year, and it has an audience capacity of up to 25,000.


The old part of the town, with a number of uniquely preserved houses and buildings from 1600-1900, including the town museum and the town hall. Awarded the Europa Nostra Silver medal in 1992 for the preservation and adaption to modern use. In Tyholmen you can wander through narrow lanes, winding streets and interesting alleys and experience the atmosphere of the past. Tyholmen captures the identity of the town of Arendal with its rows of impressive wooden buildings along the Pollen and Rådhusgaten streets, as well as the picturesque collection of small houses at Øvre Tyholmen.


The guest boat harbour in the centre of Arendal, is situated right at the centre of the town´s restaurant area with its bustling nightlife.


Nedenes area is bounded to the north and east of Nidelva river and southern outlet of he river was navigable for small vessels up to Helle. This area has been interesting for business development. Here lay the tollbooth for sorting timber was floated in Arendal watercourse. The remains of the plant is currently Bomsholmen fløtningsmuseum (Bomsholmen flooding museum). On Skarpnes lay Skarpnes brickworks, which produced bricks and ceiling tile. Near the river was also boat builders such as Windy.

Nedenes is today an urbanized rural zone; areas of farmland interspersed residential areas, commercial areas and communication areas. Highway 420 and E 18 passes Nedenes. There are child and middle school on Nedenes. The Handball Club Øyestad idretsforening handball (ØIF Arendal) play their home matches in Nedenes Hall. The Nedenes farm is usually called Nedenes royal residence.


Kirin Brewery Company Japans first and biggest brewery, was established by Johan Martinius Thoresen from Arendal.


Built as a private residence for thc Kallevig family 1812 – 15. Has served as town hall since 1844. Wooden building in the empire style (tallest in the country), and listed. Beautiful reception rooms.


Aust-Agder history museum has important collections of shipping, geology, mineralogy, urban and coastal culture 1600 – 1900, shipowner´s residences from 1858.


Built as a private residence in 1812. Shows how a privileged member of the upper classes lived some 100 years ago. Furniture from the 17th to 19th centuries.


Merdøgaard is a listed house, built in 1736. A coastal steamer goes from Pollen in the centre of Arendal. Open every day during the school summer holidays. Beach and cafe.


See how the old sailing ships were built. The shipyard and the houses belonging to it are as they were 100 years ago.


Mining district with some 32 mines, idyllic situation close to Nidelva river. One of the mines is used especially for guided tours.


Staubø Kultursenter (cultural centre) is situated beside the Eikeland fjord, approximately 20 km from Arendal towards Tvedestrand. RV 410 towards Kilsund and Staubø. The centre features a gallery, art and crafts, a museum, a cafe and culture. Wander with us, a visit to the museum with objects from the area, take a look at what’s on show in the gallery, or see exciting things from arts and crafts. A small intimate cafe has been opened where you can sit indoors or outdoors. Outside opening hours by arrangement.


Hisøy is an island separated from the mainland by the river Nidelv. The village of Kolbjørnsvik is located across the harbor from Arendal. Galtesund separate the island Hisøy and Tromøy. The boat “Kolbjørn” provided transportation across the harbor for over 100 years between Tyholmen, Norodden and Kolbjørnsvik.


The island is located directly across the harbor from Arendal. Tromøy Bridge a 400 metre long suspension bridge connected it to the mainland in 1961. Galtesund separate the island Hisøy and Tromøy. There is a passenger ferry that takes six minutes to transport riders from Skilsø to Tyholmen. The highest point on the island is the 95 metre tall Vardåsen. The company Aker Pusnes is located in Pusnes. It is a designer and supplier of all types of deck machinery and mooring systems for marine and offshore applications.


Eydehavn village is located about 10 kilometres northeast of the city centre of Arendal, about 2 kilometres south of Strengereid, and just across the Tromøysundet from Kongshamn. The village is named after Sam Eyde, the Norwegian engineer and industrialist. The founders of Norsk Hydro, was Sam Eyde and Kristian Birkeland.


Rykene is located along the Nidelva river about 10 kilometres north of the city of Grimstad (a small portion overlapping) and the same distance south of Arendal.


Strengereid is located 3 kilometres northeast of Eydehavn and just west of the island of Flosta.


Kongshavn is a community in the municipality of Arendal. Kongshavn is located on the north side of Tromøy island, across the Tromøysundet from Eydehavn. It is about 11 kilometres east of the city of Arendal.


Kilsund is located on the island Tverrdalsøya. The village is located just north of Flosta island. It is about 6.5 kilometres northeast of Strengereid, 10 kilometres northeast of Eydehavn, 16 kilometres northeast of Arendal, and 8 kilometres south of Tvedestrand.


The lighthouse Store Torungen is located on an island outside Arendal. It was constructed in 1844 and electrified in 1914. It is 34.3 metres high and contains a 2nd order lens. It is reachable by a 55 minute boat trip from the town centre. The lighthouse is still in use.


The lighthouse Lille Torungen is situated on a small island outside Arendal. The lighthouse is 28.9 metres high. Lille Torungen and Store Torungen were constructed as twin lighthouses, and both are located in the Arendal shipping lane.


Norwegian Grand Prix powerboat racing is the largest and fastest boat race in Norway. 40 – 50 foot racing boats with 2500 horsepower engines and top speeds of 225 km/h. Boat parade through the streets of the town. Start and finish at Pollen.


Norway´s largest floating boat fair, with boats in the water and equipment on land.


Quiet, peaceful guest marina furthest out on Tyholmen in Arendal town centre. 200 metres walk to the Vaskebaren.


Showers, toilets, washing machine and tumble driers. Situated 10 metres from the Town Hall jetty (Rådhusbrygga) at Pollen.


At the entrance to Arendal harbour. With approximately 30 places, showers and toilets!.


We visit an area populated by beavers and can see the beaver’s amazing exploits, such as felled trees and beaver lodges.


“Angling Guide” giving survey of the lakes and where to buy fishing licences in the region. Information on fishing sites and fishing licences in the Arendal area. A map of good fishing areas and brochures of fishing permit areas can be bought from sørlands INFO. Fish in rivers / fresh water, for example the Nidelva (River Nid). For more detailed information about fishing permits, rules, brochures, list of landowners etc.


Arendal & Omegn Golfclub (Nes Verk Golfpark) is situated in beautiful countryside surroundings at Nes Verk, 3 km from Fiansvingen. Today Nes Verk Golfpark is one of the largest and best golf courses in Norway. The club can offer an 18-hole undulated course of high standard, and a 9-hole challenging Pay & Play Course, driving range and putting green.