The republic Azerbaijan with its capital Baku, has a surface of 86,600 km2 and 8.1 million (2007) population.

In Azerbaijan you can travel freely, with exception of certain unsafe areas (see ‘ unsafe areas ‘) as long as you take into account the travel recommendation mentioned below.

Azerbaijan travel can be planned for any time of the year: winter is great for holidays in mountains resorts, summer better in summer for a rest in the mountains and on the shores of the Caspian Sea and in spring and autumn – to enjoy numerous sights of the Land of Fire. There are also lots of international exhibitions, and other interesting cultural and religious holidays held annually in Azerbaijan. Our Azerbaijan travel guide has collected them all in the links below.

Bird influenza

The WHO (World Health Organisation) sees, at this moment, no reason to advise against travelling in Azerbaijan because of the recent developments concerning the bird influenza. For up-to-date information on the countries where the bird influenza virus has broken out please refer to . On the same website you will find also more information on the bird influenza, among which the precaution measures to take.

Unsafe areas

The border between Azerbeidzjan and Armenia has been closed. The border crossing by means of Jalama to Russia (Dagestan) is only open for passport holders of former Sovjet countries. It is advised that you carry a copy of your passport for possible control of papers. Concerning crime is not advised to carry valuable matters too visible. We advice you to use official taxi’s and not to travel alone after sunset. It is advised not to make any photograph of the underground railway and/or buildings which are monitored by soldiers or police force.
Unsafe area’s
Travelling must be avoided near the border area with Nagorno Karabach, as well as place which lie in the south west of Azerbaijan in the armistice area. We recommend not to travel in the northern (Russian) kaukasus.

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