Harrogate UK

Harrogate is a spa-town in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, positioned with the Yorkshire Dales to the North West and the North York Moors to the North East. Harrogate has a natural source of mineral rich spa water, and as such, it has been a focal point for health and rejuvenation since the wells official discovery in 1597.

Due its natural resources, Harrogate became a holiday destination for nobility from the UK and Europe. From the late 1800s the town built many hotels, tea-rooms and large Victorian civic centres. This has made Harrogate one of England’s most attractive towns. As a town with relative military insignificance, the town was not bombed during the second world war and the structures were left intact. There are now more than 2,000 surviving ‘listed’ buildings.
Places of interest include the Royal Horticultural Society’s public garden. Named ‘Harlow Carr’, the gardens cover close to 60 acres and contain a multitude of plant varieties. These sumptuous gardens are the perfect place to relax by a stream or stroll around aimlessly.

Visiting Harrogate during spring or summer months will give you a chance to see why it was previously crowned the winner of the ‘Britain in Bloom’ and the European ‘Entente Florale’ competitions. A very green and healthy place all round!

Harragate has its own international conferencing centre, and stages numerous high profile conferences and exhibitions throughout the year.

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