The Municipality of Apatin is located in the northwestern part of Vojvodina (West Backa), Serbia, along the left bank of the Danube. It occupies an area of ​​349 km2, which has about 40,000 inhabitants in one urban and four rural settlements (Prigrevica, Kupusina, Svilojevo and Sonta).  Over regional route R 101, Apatin is connected with Somboro (16 km) and border crossing to the Republic of Croatia near Bogojevo (35 km). Apatin is 100 km away from Novi Sad, over Odzak, and 120 km via Vrbas. In the relief of the municipality of Apatin two geomorphological environments are represented: the alluvial plane of the Danube and the wooden terrace, and the average altitude is 85 m.

The first thermal springs in the Apatin municipality were opened in 1913, but only in 1927 a basic analysis of mineral properties of water was made, when it was established that thermal waters were in the same order as the waters of Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Harkány (Hungary) and Lipik (Croatia). At the end of 1983, the construction of the first phase of the spa “Junaković” was completed, and in 2000 a new part of the building was added, which increased the accommodation capacity, and the Junaković spa now has 270 beds and three restaurants. Banja “Junaković” is located four kilometers away from Apatin. From Apatin to the Junakovic spa, a bus transport with several passages was organized during the day.
The tourist attraction of this region is also very rich fishing water on the Danube and its gloves, as well as the famous hunting grounds, habitats of the famous Danube deer and other wildlife.
The unspoiled nature of the forest, the autochthonous forests, ponds and marshes, the richness of flora and fauna, are characteristic of the special nature reserve “Gornje Podunavlje”. This reserve is part of the large flood, swampy marshland of the middle Danube.280 species of birds, some of which are very rare, such as eagle whitewash, black genus, cormorants, as well as indigenous forests of black poplar, brest, black hare and oak, habitats of several types of orchids, lynxes and other plants, speak enough about the priceless natural the richness of this natural reserve.

Apatin has been known as a fishing center since ancient times. The flood zone of the special nature reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” represents a natural meadow for about 50 species of freshwater fish, among which are the most important species: carp, pike, sloth, catfish and others. There are not rare catches of capital samples, especially somes, which are heavy and over 30 kg. Today this area provides exceptional fishing opportunities, both on the Danube, and on numerous meanders, sleeves and dead bodies. Also known is the Apatin fishermen’s culinary tradition, as well as the manifestation of “Apatin Fisherman’s Evenings”.
A good road infrastructure that extends through non-transparent fields, forests and wetlands is an ideal area for cycling lovers. The Danube in this area also provides several beautiful beaches suitable for swimming and water sports in the summer months. Sailors have a modern marina with all the accompanying amenities.