Safety Romania

The level of crime in Romania is very low, even compared to other European countries. The main problem though is with petty thefts, pickpocketing and other such things. You’d be much better off if you could keep an eye on your pockets in crowded places such as squares, train stations, buses or trams. It is recommended that, in case you don’t have any better options, you keep your more important belongings in the front pockets of a pair of pants rather than in the back.

Corruption is quite a big problem in Romania relative to other European countries, but on a worldwide scale of comparison it’s not that bad. The customs are particularly corrupt and since they’re one of the first things you’ll encounter your first impression of the country may not be the best one.

Do avoid paying any type of bribes. It just adds fuel to the fire. There are plenty of Romanians who haven’t paid a bribe for years and if they’d managed to do it, then you can as well for the time of your visit. Adopt an authoritative, self-confident attitude when dealing with bribe requesters and you should be more than fine.

Romania is using the standard European-wide number 112 for emergency calls. That’s all you need to remember in case you want to call the police, the firemen or an ambulance.