Dobrogea Romania



Constanta is one of the biggest Romanian cities, the biggest city in Dobrogea, capital of Constanta county and the largest Black Sea harbour.

The city lies right on the place where the Greek colony of Tomis used to be. It was renamed later to Constantiana to honour Constantia, the sister of Constantine the Great (274-337). The first documented usage of the name “Constantia” dates back to 950.

Constanta is Romania’s main seaport and almost 60% of the country’s exports and imports pass through the city.

The city is home to 310000 inhabitants. If we are to consider the metropolitan area currently in the planning phase, we reach a number of almost 410000 people.

Danube Delta & Tulcea


The Danube Delta has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1991. It is the largest and best preserved European delta in Europe, after the Volga delta. The region is renowned worlwide for the saline-marine ecosystems it hosts.

The largest town closest to the Danube Delta and serving as a hub and entry point for it is Tulcea. Tulcea is the capital of the Tulcea county and is home to almost 100000 people.


Tulcea and the Danube Delta are located in Tulcea county, Dobrogea, Romania, in the easternmost part of the country, 120 km north of the biggest city in Dobrogea, Constanta and 270 km northeast of Bucharest, just south of the border with Ukraine.



Mamaia is the largest summer resort on the Black Sea shore. It is actually a neighbourhood of Constanta, situated in the northern part of the city.

The resort has few full time residents, most of the people working here during the summer coming from Constanta itself or other cities nearby such as Navodari or Ovidiu.

Given its status as a neighbourhood of Constanta, all the administrative duties in Mamaia are subordinated to the mayor of Constanta.