Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park Norway 

Fun for all the family at Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park. Few parks cover such a variety as Kristiansand Zoo, which is why the Zoo like to call themselves “The Living Park”. Just 11 km east of Kristiansand you will find the most beautiful and natural zoo, with scenery and environment in abundance.

Kristiansand Zoo is Norway´s most frequently visited attraction covering an area of 150 acres of wild Nordic terrain. It is totally different from other European zoos, which are characterised by bars and heavy padlocks. In Kristiansand Zoo, the animals have wide open spaces in which to roam – however, the visitors are still able to get up close to observe some of the most beautiful animals – like the red panda, which is threatened by extinction.

The first part of the rain forest is alive with a variety of apes and monkeys. One of the park´s latest attractions is an open air area where some of the smaller monkeys run wild amongst the trees and climbling areas and swing on the ropes while you can move amongst them!

Deeper into the rain forest, the mist and the humid atmosphere, dark and scary passages lead the way to crocodiles, alligators and many other reptiles – You will find more than 800 animals and birds living in as much freedom as possible in a natural environment. The park has many kilometres of good paths throughout, to enable visitors the possibility to roam for hours.

Kristiansand Zoo is working very closely with the World Wildlife Foundation to help save animals under threat of extinction. It offers you the opportunity to see the Nordic wolf, lynx and wolverine in their natural environment.

The Amusement Park (Dyreparken) is actually five separate parks. The park is full of surprises – not only will you find animals, but there is also a “Summer Island” (a bathing area), with heated swimming pools (bring bathing suits and towels); a forested park; an entertainment park; a theme park; and a zoo, which contains an enclosure for Scandinavian animals such as wolves and elk, and a large breeding ground for Bactrian camels. Watch the Pirates battle it out from the Black Lady ship, while you enjoy an ice cream.


The theme park, Cardamom Town (Kardemomme By), is named for a book by Norwegian illustrator and writer Thorbjørn Egner. In the zoo, the “My Africa” exhibition allows you to move along a bridge observing native savanna animals such as giraffe and zebras.

It´s paradise for both young and old…

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