Birkeland  Norway

Birkeland, Norway, is the centre of the Birkenes district with approximately 5.000 inhabitants and a area of 674,1 km2. Birkeland itself consists of a straight main street known as “Strøget” where there are various shops. In the centre is the Birkeland Hotel a popular meeting place and where famous Norwegian artists have their works exhibited in the cellar.

Other local include Flakkefossen and the other waterfalls along the Digeelva river. Bersevannet and Teinefossen are popular bathing spots just outside of town. The region is famous for its untouched forests and moors, spectacular waterways and abundant wildlife. There is good fishing in the Tovdalselva river. The Mollestad oak which lies 3 km south of the centre of Birkeland, is the third largest tree in Norway. It is said to be over 1,000 years old.


Not far from the centre is Norway’s only peat dust factory known as Myhre Torvstrøfabrik, which was operational from 1896 to 1957. The museum demonstrates the old production process, from bog to finished product.


Galleri Pension shows works by established Norwegian artists. The exhibitions change throughout the year. Summer exhibition in June and July.


A living museum factory which shows how peat dust was produced from 1896 up to the present day. The factory is started up every afternoon during the season.


An experience for all the family. More than 100 types of colourful flowers, including dried flowers for decorations. Open by arrangement. Barn sales and refreshments.


The third largest tree in Norway. Estimated to be over 1000 years old. The Mollestad-oak is hollow, but it is still growing. The hole in the middle has a diameter of 1.30 meters. The tree has six large boughs, and the crown covers a flat of more than 200 square metres.


Consists of Engelandshuset and five other old houses, which contain such items as spinning stones probably dating back to the Viking Age. Open every Sunday in July and August.


Birkeland, via Rv 402. A living farm with animals, ostriches!, berries and vegetables. A gift shop selling articles made from elk leather, etc. Open all year round. Good fishing, hire of rowboats and canoes.


You can go on a forest adventure trip (Beaver Safari) during May to September in the evenings, lasting approx. 2,5 hours, which includes a meal of elk, potato-salad and coffee served in “the Bearhole” a very old cellar at the farm. Guided tours.


Hestefarmen at Vegusdal, around 35 kilometres from Birkeland, by the Rv 42. Farm holiday with horses, canoes, etc. for hire. Ride Iceland ponies along the old riding paths, take part in keep-fit activities or take a day excursion.


Fishing licences required between Topdalsfjorden and Herefoss. Can be bought at the petrol stations at Birkeland and Herefoss Varesenter at Herefoss.


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