Austrheim  Norway

Austrheim in Norway has 498 islands and a total area of 57,4 km2. Austrheim muncipality has approximately 3.000 inhabitants and lies in Hordaland. The main industry is based on fish and fish related businesses. The Mongstad oil refinery, was built in the 1970s. The refinery, which stores and refines oil from fields in the North Sea, is the biggest employer in Nordhordland. Once you cross the Fosnstraum Bridge, you are in Austrheim Municipality. The cultural landscape of heathlands and the rocky coast with its many small islands and islets, narrow sounds and sheltered bays are typical for Austrheim – an eldorado for boating enthusiasts. The millennium site in Austrheim is the “Green Street” between the Austrheim Hall and the Mastrevik Torg shopping centre.

At Mastrevik is Mastrevik Torg, the shopping centre for the municipality. Austrheim’s coastal landscape lies between the ocean waves and distant blue mountains, a flat and verdant landscape with islands and islets, coves and narrow idyllic sounds. Rongevær Course and Leisure Centre is like a fairytale castle in this island kingdom. The centre can be rented for events, functions, courses and excursions. Large quay beside the boathouse. Only accessible by boat.

Take the walk to Vardetangen the westernmost point on the Norwegian mainland. Easy walk. Vardetangen express boat quay is just past the turn off for Fonnes quay. The express boats between Bergen and the Sognefjord and those heading further north to Florø and Selje, call at Vardetangen on their way northwards/ southwards. Kjelstraumen Brygge, in Kilstraumen, is an old historical inn dating from 1610, in an idyllic seaside location. Rooms, cabins, restaurant, guest marina and boat hire. The community center is Årås. From Sævrøy there is a ferry to Fedje, and from Leirvåg there is a ferry to Gulen.


Take the walk to Vardetangen (4 degree 56′ 58″ east) the westernmost point on the Norwegian mainland. Vardetangen express boat quay is just past the turn off for Fonnes quay. Easy walk through lovely cultural landscape (approximately 3 km). A CarWalk map for the walk is available from the Tourist Information Office.


Starts just by the national road (Rv 565) on the Austrheim side of the Fosnstraum bridge. At Fosnstraumen you can wander along the historical culture trail to the mill house at Hopland. Signs along the trail provide information about people and their livelihood in the early and late Stone Age (4 km). A CarWalk map for the walk can be bought from the Tourist Information Office.


Mongstad is an industrial site located in the municipalities of Lindås and Austrheim. The site features an oil refinery for Statoil and other oil companies, including Shell. At Mongstad, Statoil has a crude oil terminal with a capacity of 9.5 million barrels. The port at Mongstad is the largest in Norway, measured in tonnage. The refinery at Mongstad is modern, and has been extensively upgraded, with a capacity of 10 million tonnes crude oil per year. The refinery is the largest in Norway, though medium sized by European standards. It is owned by Mongstad Refining, in which Statoil has a 79% ownership share and Shell 21%.

All the crude oil refined at Mongstad comes from the North Sea. The largest production is petrol, diesel, jet fuel and light petroleum products. The heaviest components are used to make petrol coke, an important ingredient in anodes for aluminum production. In 2010, Statoil and DONG Energy plan to open Mongstad power station, a natural gas-fired thermal power plant, to provide the site with heat energy and electricity, as well as to the Troll gas field.


There is good fjord and sea fishing in Nordhordland. Not far to the west there are a lot of good fishing spots in the sea, where you can catch large cod, catfish and other types of fish. The Stone Age site at Straume by Fonstraum bridge. For thousands of years this has been one of the best fishing spots in Hordaland. The open sea, the sounds and the calm waters of the fjords offer many good places to fish both from a boat or from the shore; salmon, trout, mackerel, cod, saithe, ling, pollack, tusk, halibut, flounder, angler fish and catfish. Get hold of a good sea chart with information about depth and the sea bed, and an angling guide with information about where to find the various species of fish together these can provide you with a fine catch!

Some of the fjord and sea fishing spots in our region are Lurefjorden just north of Lurekalven, Lurosen, The Fensfjord, Austfjorden, Risasjøen.

There are many good fishing spots along the interesting road from Manger to Toska. The road which follows the curves of the coast, is an attraction in itself. Øyanevegen road from Austrheim out to Sævrøy, Krossøy and Baløy many good fishing spots along the way.


Golfclubs in Hordaland.