Aukra Norway

Aukra muncipality in Norway has approximately 3.050 inhabitants and covers a area of 58,0 km2. The German AIRFIELD was built during WW Il, in preparation for an allied counterinvasion. They solved the problem of marshland by removing the bog with high pressure jets. Parachute enthusiasts gamer here every Sunday.


On Rindarøya, the northermost point of Aukra, gives a magnificent view of the islands towards the Atlantic. From here one can see the Gallerskjærene (skerries) where the freighter “Rokta” was wrecked in a hurricane in 1938. The monument (1991) which is in memory of the rescue operation, is by Nicolaus Widerberg.


A branch of the Romsdal Museum, is a working farm located on the island of Gossen, 16 km west of Molde. Here one can relive traditional Romsdal coastal agriculture with a range of animals including sheep, goats, hens, horses, cows and pigs. Horse-riding and a cafe serving light meals (are available).


A uniqe collection of objects, photograps and other documentation from WW II at Gossen. Models of the airport give a good picture of me situation during the war. On the Iocation you find walhingpaths taking you to the many remnants from the war.