Askvoll  Norway

Askvoll muncipality in Norway has approximately 3.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 326,4 km2. The muncipality´s center is Askvoll, and stretches from Bulandet in west and Førde in east. Askvoll is a big island muncipality. The highest peak is the 1.304 metre high Blegja. Alden is an old and pronounced landmark for sailors along the coast, known as the “Norwegian Horse”. It rises almost vertically out of the sea to a height of 481 metres above sea level and is visible from more than 100 km out at sea. The most important industri today is Helle Knivfabrikk, Bulandet Fiskeindustri and Sigurd Løkeland Hermetikkfabrikk (producer of crabs).


Bulandet is Norway´s western-most fishing community. Bulandet includes 365 islands and has approximately 270 inhabitants. The village has a wide range of facilities, including a chiropractor and possibly Norway’s westernmost ceramic atelier. During the summer, Bulandet is a favourite spot for boaters and holiday makers staying in cottages and fisherman cabins. Here, in this extremely harsh coastal climate we find Bulandet Fiskeindustri, a fish plant with versatile and modern technology. The name “Bulandet” comes from the numerous wharf side cabins here, known as “bu”.


Here at the mouth of the fjord, under the watchful eye of the majestic Alden Mountain, the islands appear like a string of pearls, beautifully linked together by six new bridges and 5.240 metres of road. The road Nordsjøporten is not only important for traffic and communication in the area but also allows for a fantastic journey through the island kingdom.

Take the ferry from Fure or Askvoll to Værlandet and either walk or bicycle over the bridges to Bulandet. The walk will take about two hours one way. It will be an unforgettable day trip!

Værlandet has a population of approximately 200. Fishing and fish farming are the most important industries, but both tourism and the export of high quality stone (greenstone breccia) to Italy are expanding. There is a signposted walk to Klettane and a collection of picturesque small houses on the water’s edge in Værøyhamna harbour.


Also known as the “Norwegian Horse”, Alden is an old and pronounced landmark for sailors along the coast. It rises almost vertically out of the sea to a height of 481 metres above sea level and is visible from more than 100 km out at sea. There is a marked path to the top, accessible using the scheduled boat service from Askvoll.


The 1.304 metre high Blegja in Askvoll is more of a challenge, but the prize is a magnificent view! You can see the Jostedal glacier to the East and as far as Snønipa and the Ålfot glacier in the North. To the West you can follow the coastline from Solund to Hornelen at the same time as enjoying a view far out to sea. The trip takes a whole day.


Bulandet is Norway´s western-most fishing community. Bulandet includes 365 islands and has 240 inhabitants. You can go for a quiet walk along the island roads, visit the local pottery and enjoy the panorama-view from several view-points. The exhibition «Bulandet – past and present» provides an overview of daily life and fisheries in Bulandet, and traditional local food is served in Bulandet Gjestehus.


Norway´s oldest aluminium works. British Aluminium Company started hydro-power plant development in 1906, and produced aluminium from 1908 to 1945. Traces of the English industry are still apparent in the form of private houses, tennis- and football pitches and public bath. Tourist trail.


The Ingolfr Arnarson statue in Rivedal is a monument to the pioneer spirit in the Dalsfjord prior to the year 1000. Together with his brother, Ingolfr Arnarson he discovered Iceland, and laid the groundwork for the first Norwegian settlement there.


The Vilnes Church at Atløy is a medieval wooden church constructed in 1674. Tours by appointment only, contact Stiftinga Jensbua.


The multitude of peaceful and idyllic islands in Outer Sognefjord and Dalsfjord are ideal for cycling, with lightly undulating terrain and very few cars. The express boat, ferries and local scheduled boat services link the groups of islands together, from Mjømna in Gulen to Nåra and Krakhella in Solund, and Værlandet and Bulandet in Askvoll. A good idea is to combine a bicycle trip with beautiful walks in places such as Nordsjøløypa in Solund, Lihesten in Hyllestad or Alden in Askvoll. Stiftinga Jensbua will help you plan a more detailed route!


Join in a day of activities at the Landøy riding centre on the island of Værlandet. Horse-riding, treks, country walks, fishing, treasure hunt and other fun activities!


Walking Choose from a multitude of marked routes, ranging from easy walks on the flat terrain of the islands to challenging mountain walks with panorama views over the coastline, archipelago, open sea and mountains.


Njord Kayak & Mountaneering offers mountaineerig, hiking and kayaking. Guided tours, induction and planning-support.


Atløy Hytteutleige. The coastline offers exellent facilities for sports diving all year round. Clear water and a multi-tude of wrecks. Compressor at several locations.


Fishing trips to fishingspots west of Askvoll, west of Gulen and north and south of Solund are arranged during the summer season. Outer Sognefjord and Dalsfjord with it´s thousands of islands and long fjords is a paradise for sea fishers. Sheltered fjords, islands, islets and the open sea are within reach in any direction. People as well as fish thrive here with the fresh air and the clear sea. Your hosts will be happy to give you tips about good fishing spots.

All accommodation have their own boat with outboard. Deep-sea and coastal fishingtrips on larger boat with skipper are arranged. fishing is at it´s best in the spring and autumn, but there is an abundance of fish all year round. Fishing has been the major industry for the greatest parts of Outer Sognefjord and Dalsfjord for generations. Most types of fish like pollack, cod, mackrel, herring, bream, halibut, lump-fish, eel and many moore, can be caught lokally. Crabs are also in abundance.

Your best change to catch a real “whopper” is out in the open sea, but if it´s windy, you will still be able to fish safely between the many islands or in the fjords. No matter what you are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime. this magnificent nature and close encounter to the elements, will please both mind and soul.