Cabourg, France

Cabourg is located on the west coast of France, approximately 2 hours’ drive from Paris, 20 minutes from Caen and 25 minutes from Deauville; an ideal place for a family stay or a weekend in Cabourg.

Cabourg is nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Côte Fleurie’, thanks to its Belle Epoque villas that line its semi-circular streets that combine to form an aerial pattern akin to a Greco-Roman amphitheatre, the central point of which comprises the Casino Gardens.

Every year this charming coastal resort hosts the Cabourg Film Festival ‘Journées Romantiques’ (Romantic Days), just one of the reasons it is highly popular among a number of Parisian celebrities. Charles, Marcel, Bruno, Sandrine, René, Raymond, Ferdinand, Jacques, Sophie, Marc, Audrey, Christophe, Fleur, Sara, Jean, Isabelle, Emmanuel, Jérôme or Pierre: many of these stars and illustrious characters have walked the streets of Cabourg wandered.

Imagine a beautiful beach with golden sand as far as the eye can see, luxurious villas – symbols of another time – hotels, a casino, a spa, a promenade and gardens. This seaside resort has fully blossomed over the centuries.

This renowned seaside resort is at once peaceful, dynamic, mythical, modern, family-oriented and intimate. With its historical, natural and cultural heritage, Cabourg attracts thousands of visitors every year. This family seaside resort is particularly appreciated thanks to its many events and occupations for children and a whole range of sport and leisure activities.

A historic city center
Ideally located in the heart of Normandy, Cabourg was founded more than 1,400 years ago in the Middle Ages. Known for its sea baths since 1855, the town has developed significantly over the centuries, as you can see from the many Belle Époque villas that are still an integral part of the seaside resort’s appearance.

The neo-Norman buildings all catch the eye and transport the attentive viewer to Marcel Proust’s Belle Époque. There is also a secret circuit… that takes visitors past the villas of Cabourg, including the Villa du temps retrouvé . The tourism office even offers guided tours where you can learn more about the past of the Queen of the Côte Fleurie.

Not to be missed in Cabourg

  • Cabourg Beach
  • Promenade Marcel Proust
  • Villa of Time Recovered
  • The Meridian of Love
  • Cabourg Racecourse
  • Cabourg Racecourse

A wide beach of 4 km long, giving you space to put your towel far enough away from your neighbor. Fine sand sliding through your fingers, children’s laughter, sunsets and waves bringing shells ashore: there’s no denying it, Cabourg beach ticks a lot of boxes. On this beach, often called the beach of the romantics, you can enjoy beautiful panoramas and the salty sea air under a pink-orange sky regardless of the season.

The recipe for a family station is quite simple. Choose an environment that is both elegant and conservative. Add a generous handful of fine sand and sprinkle with some flower gardens. Place beautiful Belle Époque villas and subtly place ridges here and there. You get Cabourg, a resort that looks like a queen, ideal for relaxing and getting away from it all with your family!

Cabourg is the ideal destination in Normandy to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Unwind at the Grand Hôtel of Cabourg, relax in the Thalazur spa and try your luck on the slots in the casino. The real bonus: you can do everything in one day, without having to use the car even once. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of Normandy, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Every year Cabourg organizes festivals such as Cabourg my love , a pop-rock-electro festival or the Cabourg Film Festival, showcasing romance and 7 Eme art. Other events such as horse racing and show jumping punctuate the summer season.

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